Jason Latimer stars in new science show


This past weekend I had the lovely opportunity to interview an amazing scientist and magician who goes by the name of Jason Latimer.

Latimer started his career first as an illusionist, where he appeared on shows like BBC’s The Magician. You might have also seen him on Syfy’s Wizard Wars! Currently, he works at the Fleet Science Center in San Diego where he inspires people on a daily basis. Now, Jason has found a way to incorporate magic and science, with his new show Impossible Science.

Let’s hear what he has to say about it all!

Nerd Reactor: What came first, magic or science?

Jason Latimer: Well, that was easy. Magic came first. I saw a magic show and was super inspired and blown away. I went into science to understand magic better. I just fell in love with science and it’s been 26 years now.

Nerd Reactor: Have you had any weird experience with people on the street when asking questions?

Jason Latimer: When I first started, we began with the science experiment and then a magic trick. People weren’t into it. Then, We switched and did a magic trick first and people got curious and grew wonder, and then science was brought up. Magic becomes a predecessor. Everyone who has watched sci-fi has grown up with an idea of what it looks like.

Nerd Reactor: Have you used any other science-based series to help you get started on this one?

Jason Latimer: Not really, but I watch a lot of movies. I don’t base my gear off of other people; I look at the imagination. I Look for those best in their fields.

Nerd Reactor: What has been the most interesting topic?

Jason Latimer: My mind was blown 10/10 about the bionic suits. You know, the part about bionic suits and turning it into a medical application so that you can walk again. It was the most magical experience.

Nerd Reactor: What’s your favorite subcategory of science?

Jason Latimer: I personally like mathematics! Logical progression of thinking, makes me feel comfortable. Then I like string theory, strategically planning out what you’re doing next. After that, I really like psychology and physics. They really helped me out as a magician. The most valuable is the fact I’m confident in what I don’t know.


Nerd Reactor: What has been the hardest part when it comes to getting people to like science?

Jason Latimer: The hardest part is reminding people science has a stigma of answers. What science is really about is kind of like we’re playing a game and no one gave us a rule book. It’s a rule book we’ve given to ourselves. Education isn’t about answers, it’s about understanding questions that have already been answered.

Nerd Reactor: Do you think magic and science go hand in hand?

Jason Latimer: Yes. My definition of magic and science is anything you don’t understand. Completely indifferent. That’s what the series is about, to Inspire curiosity and to inspire people to say why couldn’t we do it. These individuals who stand in front of the word impossible and challenged it. What we said is impossible and won, means we’re redefining. Science is not a trick, which is more exciting. The show’s goal is to showcase the individuals asking questions. It’s to get everyone asking questions and asking why couldn’t you do it.

Nerd Reactor: What is your goal at the end of the day?

Jason Latimer: My end goal? Hmmm. My end goal is to, on a massive scale, inspire wonder. When [Comic-Con] gave me this opportunity, I had to say yes. We are uniting the nerd culture. Really, an importance of science, magic, education, and tech. Now we really have a chance to make a difference to inspire as many people as we know.

Impossible Science debuts on September 8th on comic-conhq.com.

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