Disney plans to quit Indian filmmaking


After the success of Disney’s The Jungle Book, Variety reports that Disney plans to quit Indian filmmaking. According to an email from Disney to Variety:
“We periodically review and realign our business priorities in response to evolving market dynamics. Given the challenges with the current economic model for investing in the local film industry, we intend to shift the focus of our film strategy to driving our Hollywood movie slate in India. These movies enjoyed considerable success including ‘The Jungle Book’ which is the highest grossing Hollywood movie of all time in India. We are remaining optimistic about the incredible potential of the Indian market and will continue to invest in growing the Disney brand in India with our movies, television networks, consumer and interactive products and live experiences.”

As of late, Disney has been focusing on their own Hollywood movies in American soil, converting their films in different languages. This will result in no need to create content for Indian audiences exclusively.

With Disney receiving more money for big budget movies such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars, it seems to make sense for Disney to focus on those movies that appeal to a broad, global audience instead of producing small projects aimed at a smaller, more specific audience.

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Source: Variety

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