Avengers: Full House opening makes you wish it were a real sitcom

Avengers Full House 1

Comic book fans as well as audiences everywhere have been enjoying all of Marvel’s latest and greatest films featuring some of their favorite superheroes. The movies are action-packed, somewhat empowering, and just all-around fun for anyone who watches them. Ever wonder what it would be like if The Avengers happened to be a sitcom?

Well check out this Avengers: Full House opening, as it taps that 90’s nostalgia in every way we love. The video is set to the old TV sitcom Full House, and features not only clips mostly from The Avenger films, but also bloopers too. As you watch, you can see that everything just melds together so perfectly, like this is how things should have been from the beginning. Check it out for yourself below.

Side note – It is quite ironic that Elizabeth Olsen is in the same part that her older siblings, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen was in the original show.

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