Fox refused to pay Deadpool writers to be on set


Deadpool was a box office smash hit that had a majority of their fans celebrating for quite some time afterward. After all, it was a movie that was supposed to have been made many years ago. The fans kept asking for it until finally Ryan Reynolds and Fox Studios made it happen. Although it’s not all fun, flowers, and chimichangas because apparently, Fox Studios refused to pay writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to be on the set of Deadpool. These two writers have been working on the Deadpool storyline since day one.

When it comes to the Marvel franchise, it looks like Fox usually trips on its own shoelaces when making decisions – I’m looking at you Fantastic Four reboot. There’s always some sort of internal controversy or issue that occurs whenever they’re dealing with something Marvel related. What boggles my mind in this situation is that it may be rare, but it’s not uncommon for writers to be on the set of a movie they’ve worked on. Sometimes, there’s a need for script re-edits due to circumstances that occur during filming. Although writers are usually pushed out once filming begins. However, in this case, Ryan Reynolds had to pay the two writers out of his own pocket to have them on set, despite Fox knowing that these two have been extremely pivotal for the Deadpool storyline and Mr Reynolds wanted them there.

We are already well aware that although Fox greenlit the movie, they were extremely wary of making a superhero movie R-rated. So this mentality may have come into play for the penny-pinching; this is just my speculation. Whatever the case may be, in the end, the writers were finally paid for their service. The real hero here is Ryan Reynolds, so let us hope that Fox understands this kind act from Mr. Reynolds and makes better decisions in future. Although there are rumors that they’re STILL trying to make Fantastic Four happen. *rolls eyes*

Really, Fox? Really?

Source: IMDB

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