Cuphead reintroduces 1930s style animation to modern gaming


There are a lot of fans of Disney and its different releases of animation throughout the decades. In fact, saying they have a lot of fans is an understatement. Disney has been in the animation business since the 1920s and they’ve progressed and evolved with the times in the past 92 years. So if you’re an actual fan of animation, you can see how the style has changed from the birth of animation in the 1920s and 1930s to today. However, this article isn’t about Disney, it’s actually about a video game called Cuphead in “Don’t Deal With The Devil” by Studio MDHR.

This is actual video game footage

What is Cuphead in “Don’t Deal With The Devil”, you ask? It’s actually a Contra-like side-scrolling shooter that utilizes original Disney style 1930s animation. It actually looks like you’re watching an animation from that period because the gameplay looks wacky, fun, weird, and strange. This is all wrapped in a nice little bundle for you to enjoy. I believe this is the first type of game that captures that era’s animation perfectly. It’s supposed to release this year, however they haven’t given a concrete date yet. If you’re interested, check out their trailer below!

Source: Cuphead Game


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