Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Plaza goes premium with new upgrades


Although I love the Nintendo 3DS Street Pass function, it has become the bane of my existence during conventions. For years, you could only add 10 players at a time to your Mii Plaza, causing any other encounters to be missed, making it necessary to add the Mii’s as quickly as possible. That is all finally going to be changed, as Nintendo will give fans an opportunity to upgrade their game to premium.

Nintendo has revealed a few upgrades for the Mii Plaza, one of which being a new quick plaza to make switching or adding people even quicker. Five new premium games have been added, as well, with one of them being a free download. The biggest change of them all, in my opinion, however, is the Plaza upgrade, which allows you to add up to 100 Mii characters (although you will still only being able to add them 10 at a time). An update is available for download now, which adds some of the new additions to your Mii Plaza, but if you want to add the ability to hold up 100 Mii characters, it will cost you $4.99.

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