Logitech’s Prodigy peripherals target casual gamers


With the rise of eSports and competitive online gaming in the past few years, the major gaming peripheral manufacturers have been in an arms race of creating the best keyboards, mice, and headsets humanly possible. With the emphasis on giving its players the fastest response times and high quality aircraft grade aluminum, it often makes these products quite expensive. High prices are often intimidating for a large, unsung majority of casual gamers. New or budget conscious gamers are much more likely to go on Amazon and order any old $50 knockoff imported brand of peripherals than spending the $100+ dollars for premium quality. Well, Logitech is looking to make a splash by carving a name for themselves in this largely neglected “Pro-sumer” marketplace with its new line of products that they are calling the Prodigy line.JPG 300 dpi (RGB)-G213 Prodigy FOB WhiteBG


Unlike their flagship, the G910 Orion Spectrum mechanical gaming keyboard, which advertises 113 key anti-ghosting, full RGB LED customization, macro keys, and mechanical Romer-G switches, and costs $180. The G213 Prodigy boasts that it is four times faster than any normal keyboard, it has customizable RGB LED zones, plus the fact that it is spill resistant, and only costs $70. This is the theme for the entire Prodigy line, which will also include the new G231 Prodigy gaming headset, and both a wired and wireless gaming mice. They are cost-friendly entry level pieces of gaming hardware that are marketed towards families or semi-serious gamers that aren’t quite ready to commit to buying hardware that will cost close to $200.

Logitech’s high end peripherals have always been underrated in terms of quality, in my opinion. I also happen to think that their software is the most intuitive. While other brands already have budget-conscious high quality product lines like Corsair’s Raptor series, or even the Razer Deathstalker Essential, Logitech is going far out of their way to market these products as a less intimidating option. Choosing to advertise the spill-resistant keys as a marquee feature instead of how many microseconds you can shave off of your Totino’s 360 MLG no-scope Twitch stream energy drink.

Several things will dictate the success of this product. While the price is low, there are other options out there for the frugal gamer that are still about half the price, albeit, probably not as good as the Prodigy. It’s up to Logitech to really hammer it into people’s head that this is a better option than some janky internet rip-off, and yet, still better than the competition’s similarly priced prosumer grade peripherals.

Nerd Reactor will be testing the Logitech Prodigy Peripherals line and will have a full review posted in the coming weeks.


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