First look at Flashpoint for The Flash

Last season ended with Barry going back in time to stop his mother’s murderer, and in doing so, he changed his world in the present. This is The CW’s take

Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition announced

Konami has revealed that a new version of Meal Gear Solid V is coming to consoles and PC. The Metal Gear Solid 5: Definitive Edition will include The Phantom Pain, as

Scientists are creating molecules the size of bacteria

Imagine for a minute that scientists have the ability to create giant molecules, as big as bacteria! Well stop imagining, because as of recent they can. Scientists have just created

Russia has an MMA-style medieval fighting league

Photo credit: M1 Medieval via YouTube Fighting for sport and entertainment has been embedded in our culture for quite some time. Think back to gladiators in the colosseum, recent history

No Man’s Sky PC player base drops by 90%

Jeez, talk about buyer’s remorse huh? In the past two weeks, the number of players in the game went from the peak of 212,000 down to 19,000, given how the

Goku Black’s mystery grows in Dragon Ball Super

Warning: May contain spoilers for the current Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super A few weeks ago, I wrote several theories regarding Goku Black, one being that he was

Watchdogs 2 gameplay walkthrough shows off new features and game modes

The first Watch Dogs game was great in concept, but delivery fell a bit short. To me, the campaign felt slightly lacking and once the completed, the multiplayer was shallow

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in pink gold now available in the U.S.

Previously exclusive to only Korea, the pink gold versions of Samsung’s newest smartphones will not be available in the U.S. However there is a catch. The phones will be exclusively available

Driverless cars are coming to the military

That’s right, we are one step closer to Skynet. The Michigan Department of Transportation and the Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (or TARDEC), recently announced they have joined

Baba Brinkman shines a light on science through rap

Ever think about what amazing thing you’d get when you mix science and music? The answer is beauty. But really, the answer is actually a name. An artist that goes

Scarlet Starlet Escape Room can’t keep us contained

The awesome people over at Puzzle Workshop invited the Nerd Reactor crew over to try out their newest Escape Room, Scarlet Starlet. Now so far, we (NR) have been making

Invites for Apple’s September Event have been sent out

We call it the September Event, but let’s just call it what it is – the iPhone Event. The time of year that Apple fans wait for every year is

BUTCHER: A 2D Platformer Love Letter to Doom and Quake

Indie developers have made a name for themselves by invoking the gaming tropes and ideas of yester-year for the modern age. Transhuman Design, the developer of King Arthur’s Gold, is coming

Natalie Portman hides Star Wars Episodes I-III from her son

Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC Natalie Portman’s son is old enough to appreciate Star Wars; however, she has not allowed him to see the prequels in which she starred in

Refunds for ‘No Man’s Sky’ offered on Steam, PSN, and Amazon without playtime restrictions

No Man’s Sky was, to many, a disappointment. Thanks to almost three years of irrational hype and the absence of features that were advertised to be there from the start,

Possible Alien signal observed from 95 light-years away

Astronomers at the SETI Institute have just reported the detection of a “strong signal” in the direction of HD164595, a star that is 95 light-years away from us. The signal

Knott’s Scary Farm 2016 is ready to rumble

Halloween is right around the corner! Well, kind of. Basically, I’ve already started celebrating it. One of the things I like to do to help get myself in the mood

Is giving mass refunds to a recently released video game a good thing?

The gaming community has constantly been changing throughout the decades. Especially with social media being involved more so than before. Some people feel that the average gamer has changed for

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives his take on the Dark Knight trilogy ending and sequel

*Spoilers ahead* Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is considered by many to be one of the best superhero franchises of all time. Some say it’s the absolute best. However, though

New name added to director search for Captain Marvel

A new name has been thrown into the mix to helm Marvel Studios’ first female-led solo film, Captain Marvel. According to Jeff Sneider at Mashable, Electrick Children director Rebecca Thomas has