Ready for more ‘Stranger Things’? Season 2 is happening!


One thing I learned this morning: you can’t re-post things from Instagram that have copyrighted music in it, and Instagram has no problem in letting you know.

You have to be living under a rock somewhere to have not have heard the immense success of Netflix’s original TV series that debuted this past summer, Stranger Things. Created by The Duffer Brothers, this 1980s-era tale is easily one of the best things that Netflix has put out this year. Creating a perfect blend of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and all things nerd, the story follows the journey of three young friends and a mysterious girl named Eleven on the search for their missing compadre who disappeared on his way home one night. The series heavily plays in the vein of nostalgia, inspired by the many ’80s works of sci-fi and fantasy films, such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Aliens, and many, many others. Many fans fell in love with the incredible cast of characters, others fell in love with the incredible score and soundtrack that accompanied each scene. Either way, the show was a success on all levels, and fans wanted more. Now, we know we’re going to get more.

Today, Netflix officially announced the renewal of Stranger Things for a second season by releasing a video this morning. Quick note, I tried to re-post the Instagram posting of this video, and Instagram was like “We’ve removed the video you posted at 7:20 AM on August 31, 2016 because” blah blah blah. Whatever. Anyway, the video not only reveals the second season arrival date, which we’re looking at the summer of 2017, but also revealed the season 2 episode titles, or Chapters, which are as listed “Madmax”, “The Boy Who Came Back To Life”, “The Pumpkin Patch”, “The Palace”, “The Storm”, “The Pollywog”, “The Secret Cabin”, “The Brain” and “The Lost Brother”. Check out the video announcement below!

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? What did you think of the last season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The second season of Stranger Things will debut on Netflix in the summer of 2017!

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