Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow!


Everybody’s favorite source for all Nintendo news will be live tomorrow, September 1st, starting at 7 AM PST. This direct is only going to be focused on 3DS games and will not be the unveiling of the NX that everyone is dying to learn about.┬áThe good news is that we know to look forward to even more info on Pokemon Sun/Moon, Mario Party, Yo-Kai 2 content for sure, but what secret projects might Nintendo be revealing tomorrow.

Of all Nintendo’s iconic properties, there is very few that have been worked on currently or have seen a recent release. Personally I’m predicting an announcement for the next handheld Mario Kart or Super Mario bros title since neither of those have gotten any focus in a while. Maybe it will be a new title in the Donkey Kong series, as that has been dormant almost as long.

Regardless of what gets announced during the direct, I’m sure it will be both unsuspected as well as welcomed by fans. You can view the direct tomorrow live on Nintendo’s site. We also will be covering the news as it comes out, so keep it locked and loaded to Nerd Reactor for all your Nintendo news.

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