Bill Nye is going to ‘save the world’ on TV

bill nye science

Bill Nye, The Science Guy, once graced our televisions in the mid-nineties with his show all about science. With his ever-growing popularity, and a stint on Dancing With The Stars, Nye is going to have a new series called Bill Nye Saves the World. It is set to air in 2017 on Netflix.

Now, this generation could have a piece of Nye’s brilliant mind as he invites guests on his science talk show.

According to the Washington Post, Netflix promises to “preserve Nye’s unfiltered style while using interviews and experiments to educate viewers on everything from climate change to GMOs.” Basically, what Nye has been doing all his life – educating people on science and the environment. The series will have Slate’s Phil Plait as the head science writer for the show.

This is exciting news! Will you be watching?

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