Nerd Reactor will be at Dragon Con 2016!

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By Kaung Set

Labor Day weekend is about to descend upon Atlanta, GA. You know what that means… Dragon Con is almost here! Your Nerd Reactor East team will be there all weekend to cover all the fun. The convention is busting out a few new tricks for its 30th Anniversary, including:

Local TV coverage of the parade

Atlanta’s CW69 (WUPA) will be televising the annual Dragon Con Parade for the first time in history. It will also be available for streaming on the station’s website. Check it out on Saturday September 3rd at 10am EST.

A new DCTV Streaming Service

For those who don’t know, Dragon Con TV is a closed-circuit broadcast of panels, events, and other original content that occurs during the convention. Typically it has only been available for attendees staying in host hotels. Starting this year, any member who has bought a badge, including those who cannot attend in person, can subscribe to a streaming service that will bring you content from this year’s show, as well as access to DCTV’s archives. No more worries about missing a big panel because you forgot or the lines were too long. It’ll all be accessible to be viewed at your leisure. For more information and how to get in on the action, see the DCTV website.

More gaming

Traditionally, Dragon Con’s gaming offerings have been limited to PC, console, and board games. This year, thanks to their strategic partnership with MomoCon, they were able to bring in Japanese arcades from Tokyo Attack. There will also be a classic arcade section, featuring classics such as NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat II, and The Simpsons.

There will also be exclusive merchandise from Funko Pop, as well as a special gaming event from Con Man, the webseries created by Alan Tudyk. Tudyk and fellow cast member Nolan North, and producer PJ Haarsma will be on hand to meet fans and talk about their new mobile game for Con Man.

These events only add to the already bursting 3000+ hours of programming that typically occurs over the weekend. Check out Dragon Con’s website for more information. We hope to see you there!

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