Bryan Fuller spills more secrets about Star Trek Discovery

star trek discovery

Showrunner Bryan Fuller continues to tease Trekkies with new details about his upcoming CBS All Access show, Star Trek Discovery. Chief among these new revelations are the official position of the main character as well as the timeline that his show will take place in.

In a radio interview on the show Nerd World Report with Hop and Herc, Fuller revealed that the show’s main character will serve as the first officer of the U.S.S. Discovery. The main character will be referred to as “Number One” an homage of Roddenberry’s wife (and longtime computer voice) Majel Barrett.

Fuller further elaborated that his show would take place in the Prime Timeline, rather than the Kelvin Timeline of the movies. He explained that the decision to keep the show in the original timeline was to keep the new series completely independent of the feature films, and allow them to explore the world without having to coordinate with what the films’ writers.

He also added that unlike a lot of Star Trek series that focus on standalone episodes (or the occasional two-parter), his new show will be more serialized, telling a single overarching story over the course of its 13-episode first season. This should lend itself to deeper character development and a more compelling narrative arc.

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