Always bet on the Duke: New Duke Nukem game to possibly be announced


It’s been four years since the long belated release of Duke Nukem Forever, a game that was in development from 1997 all the way till 2012, going through more reboots than a comic book franchise. A game with old references, outdated graphics and gameplay, and an overall feeling that this was a Game out of Time. Granted it’s still fun to poke fun at Master Chief’s power armor and Team America: World Police is still a funny watch, but jokes about them in a game felt stale, due in part to the fact they would have been funnier when both those things were new.

After one reboot too many, 3D Realms finally ran out of cash and shut its doors for good, foisting the license upon Gearbox Software and leaving them to finish the deed. They did about as good a job as you could reasonably expect from this extraordinary situation (They’re still on the hook for Aliens: Colonial Marines). So the game turned out to mediocre, not great but not terrible either. After poor sales, it seems the Duke was to go to that place where all fallow game franchises go to spend the rest of eternity forgotten.

However…….As of a few days ago, a new website by the name of showed up and aside from a banner commemorating the 20th anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D, there was a countdown clock that was set to time out on September 2nd, the same day that Gearbox is scheduled to hold a panel at PAX West.

While nothing has been explicitly confirmed yet, it is very much looking like that Gearbox will be taking Duke out for another spin at kicking alien ass and chewing bubblegum, there’s been too much effort for it to be some half-baked, half-hearted DLC or special edition. You can go take a look at the site and counter yourself, and keep tuned for Gearbox’s panel at PAX West.

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