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Warner Brothers Animation, which has brought you animated films like The Lego Movie, has a new film called Storks coming out September 23rd, and it is creating quite the buzz. With stars like Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell, Kelsey Grammer, Stephen Kramer Glickman, Katie Crown, Key and Peele, and Danny Trejo, it’s no wonder that the film looks hilarious and entertaining for people of all ages.

Synopsis: “Storks deliver babies…or at least they used to. Now they deliver packages for global internet giant Junior, the company’s top delivery stork, is about to be promoted when he accidentally activates the Baby Making Machine, producing an adorable and wholly unauthorized baby girl. Desperate to deliver this bundle of trouble before the boss gets wise, Junior and his friend Tulip, the only human on Stork Mountain, race to make their first-ever baby drop – in a wild and revealing journey that could make more than one family whole and restore the storks’ true mission in the world.”

We were lucky enough to chat with actor and comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman about his role, well multiple roles, in the film. You might recognize Glickman on Big Time Rush, Super Power Beatdown, his own live show and podcast at the Improv called The Night Time Show, or maybe you recognize him from Workaholics or one of his many roles in parody films. This guy has done it all, and it was nice enough to spend some more time with Nerd Reactor to give us some more insight to the film.

What can you tell me about Storks?

So Storks is the brainchild of Nick Stoeller, Brad Lewis, and Doug Sweetland. Nick’s best known for Get Him to the Greek, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Muppets. This is, I believe, his first animated movie which is super exciting. I feel very blessed to even be associated with it. Doug Sweetland is a Pixar guy who worked on The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., and Toy Story. Then Brad Lewis was the EP on Ratatouille and is a legend in the business. I am playing Pigeon Toady, the only pigeon that lives on Stork Mountain. The movie is about Storks that used to deliver babies, and they stop because there was an issue with the baby delivery system. So now, they just deliver packages around the world like Amazon. So Andy Samberg, who is one of the storks, accidentally switches on the baby making machine which makes a baby. So now they have to deliver it, and it has an address even though it’s against the rules to deliver a baby again. Pigeon Toady is always trying to find the next leg up. He wants to be the next big thing and run Stork Mountain. He starts sniffing around to see what’s happening and is trying to catch Andy Samberg in the act to be the new favorite on Stork Mountain, and possibly rule the world.

You also voiced other characters too?

It was originally a scratch vocal job, you know. I have been working with this movie for about 3 years now. Originally Pigeon Toady had about 3 or 4 scenes, and now he has about 25 scenes and a song. When I first came in, we had fun and did a bunch of rough draft voices, so the animators and writers would have something to work with. While I was doing this, I asked, “Who is doing the voice of the snow monkey, the rabbit, and the polar bear?” So they let me give it a shot and I did the polar bear with a big Brooklyn accent, like he was a big guy, a little Joey Diaz action. For the Snow Monkey, I made him not very friendly, kind of confused and saying, “This is crazy.” Then the rabbit had one line, so I did it as a big kind of crazy guy. They liked it and I got cast as Pigeon Toady, and they played me the trailer and I saw that my voices were on the trailer, so now I’m credited for all four which is amazing! It’s my first movie. It’s completely insane and I’m very excited. As a voice-over guy, I have always wanted to do voice-overs and as anyone will tell you, you always want to do a funny voice. Guys like Bill Farmer has been doing funny voices for 34 years, and these guys just do funny voices, and it’s the biggest honor in the world to be able to do funny and weird stuff. Warner Brothers has really let me fly and do weird strange things with the roles.

Wow, so four voices and a main role in the film? What else is there?

We are even doing a Pigeon Toady short film for the DVD that is insanely funny. I got to sit down with writers and producers to play him to make something really ridiculous.

I heard you’re working with Loot Crate?

Wait til you see this thing. It’s the most insane thing I have ever shot. It’s crazy. I subscribe every mother since I am a huge Loot Crate fan, so I wrote a script and threw out these ideas and get Casper Van Dien from Starship Troopers, and there’s a robot and we’re in a mansion and making up all this weird stuff. They were like, “Oh, that sounds great! Let’s shoot it in 2 weeks.” Then they showed me the mansions they are looking at. One of them is the house from the Bachelor, and the other house was Hummingbird Ranch which is valued at 70 million dollars, and it’s from the Entourage movie. Getting to do that with them is such an awesome move because we’re the same kind of people.

I saw that you had a mini Big Time Rush reunion through your social media. What was that about?

I was working with Pilot Pens to shoot a short, so I asked about bringing Kendall Schmidt and he does a very funny scene in the movie. People are going to go nuts seeing Kendal film and be hilarious… when we all see him as a talented singer. It is going to be great. I like to bring people in that people are fans of and they’ll love it.

What was your favorite part about being in Storks?

Making Nick Stoeller laugh has been my favorite part of doing the movie. He has such a great laugh and you know when you’re killing it. It’s like in stand up, you know when the audience is happy and enjoying it. He would come in and give me a line and he would tell me to do whatever and make it more ridiculous. Then I would push it and he would say more, make it more unintelligible. We sit across from each other and play back and forth. It was also great to work with Katie Crown, she’s so great at improv. Working one-on-one with her, we did a scene how we wanted and cracked each other up. It was so much fun!

If you could play any hero in a film, even if it’s someone like Plastic Man or Squirrel Girl or Marvel or DC, who would you want to play?

I’ve always wanted to play Thing in the Fantastic Four. I thought it would be such a cool character to play. I’m a big guy and it’s hard to find a big guy character. I would also like to play Kingpin. It’s kind of tricky to find characters that I kind of look like, or maybe I could play Ram Man from He-Man. I even have figures of Ram Man, Thanos, Swamp Thing, Galactus, Bob’s Big Boy; I got a lot of robots and toys. You know what would be an amazing part, to play Galactus. If I got to pick one character, then I would definitely be Galactus.

How about your podcast and Improv show, the Night Time podcast? You’ve had Max Brooks, Casper Van Dien, how was that?

Max is such a good guy. He was so sweet to come to our first episode. And Casper Van Dien is a friend, so they’re always fun when they let their hair down and spend time with us. The live show is even better. The fans love it and we always have a death metal band as our house band. But this month we have a different band. The fans get to see our different guests and get to know them, and also get to know me more. Sometimes there are weird ones because our guests will say great stuff off the air, then our mouth shuts when we are recording. It’s still really good and fun; people love it and I love doing it. We are going to get Tara Strong (the voice of Harley Quinn) too once The Killing Joke press dies down!

How was it going back to singing on Storks with your time on Shrek on Broadway?

It kind of went down when we were doing scratch vocals. They said they were going to stick a song in the scene, and I was like, “Wait, wait. What’s happening?” and they said they hired a singer to come and do the song. So I asked, “My character has a song?’ and I told them that I am a Broadway musical theater singer and I can’t tell you what the song is, but I got them to let me do it.

They put on the karaoke track to see what I sounded like and after I was done singing it, they were like, “WHO ARE YOU? HOW DID WE NOT KNOW YOU COULD DO THIS!?” So they bought the rights to the song when we took a 10-minute break and spoke to the band. I sang the song twice, first in my real voice then in the character voice, and the band heard it then loved it.

You liked getting to sing then?

Man, that’s like bucket list stuff. Getting to sing in a movie, I was thinking ‘I hope I get to do this before I die!” It’s definitely on par with everything I have wanted to do in life. One of my other dream goals is to be in a movie musical like Rocky Horror and Grease, but there are no fat guys in Grease. There could be the high school janitor who’s like ‘Oh those kids!’ Maybe at some point, I can do Guys and Dolls or Fiddler on the Roof. That’s where I came from, or maybe I can do my own superhero musical, but that sounds horrible doesn’t it? Two things on the bucket list and I’ve got one down.

What was it like finding out you got the part? 

I found out in the car with my girlfriend and I started screaming about how happy I was. So when I found out that I had actually gotten the part in the movie, I called my family. First I told my mom and she was so happy and excited. Four days later she shows up in LA with a present for me. So we met up and she told me we had to go to her car because my present is in there. I asked her if she got me a pet since I don’t need anymore. (I already have 2.) In her car is a birdcage with a pigeon, and not a fancy pigeon, just a regular old ugly pigeon. She said she bought it from the pigeon salesman on Craigslist, so now it made sense to me. I held the pigeon while she took a picture; the pigeon flew away. It flew away trapped inside the parking structure, so we chased the pigeon for 4 and a half hours trying to catch this pigeon. My mom starts asking people to help catch the pigeon, and we finally caught it and put it back in the cage. Now it lives with my mom on her farm, and it’s named Pigeon Toady.

Did you incorporate any of your Gustavo character from Big Time Rush into this character?

You know, Gustavo has this big ego and has this life that doesn’t match his ego. And I think that’s kind of what’s happening with Pigeon Toady too. This huge ego but tiny little bird. Pigeon Toady has more hair though.

Storks comes to theaters September 23rd all over the world. You can see below all 4 characters that Stephen Kramer Glickman is voicing in the film from his Instagram. You can also see his live show called The Night Time Show at the LA Improv.

Soooooo….these are the four characters I voice in @storksmovie Pigeon Toady is the big one, but voicing these other guys was super fun!

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