RetroUSB’s NES console, The AVS

For those of you who were dissapointed by Nintendo’s NES Mini being preloaded with only a select number of games, incompatible with actual carts and stuck with a proprietary controller, the guys over at RetroUSB have a solution for you:


avs2 avs3

Behold the most NES-looking retro console! It’s 100% compatible with all NES/Famicon/Everdrive/FDS games and has 720p output (original resolution is 256×240 and can’t scale into 1080p, for those of you wondering), Game Genie support, Online Leaderboards for certain games and the 4 controller ports built right in. The only downside is that this retro gem will run you about $185, and the limited “Clear” edition will run you about $650.

So if you’re a dedicated fan of classic NES games with plenty of old carts lying on the shelf and money to blow, then pick yourselves up one of these!

Source: RetroUSB

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