Goku Black’s mystery grows in Dragon Ball Super

Warning: May contain spoilers for the current Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super

A few weeks ago, I wrote several theories regarding Goku Black, one being that he was a fallen Kai bent on destroying all mankind for unknown reasons. The introduction of Zamasu almost confirmed that theory when it was shown that he is able to use the same dark ki that Goku Black uses. A few clues hinted at the two being the same, but the most recent episode could prove otherwise.

After the time machine had been fixed, Future Trunks takes Goku and Vegeta to help defeat Goku Black. During that time, Goku Black has continued his genocide of humanity with Mai continuing to lead the resistance. Upon their arrival, Vegeta offers food and supplies to the last remaining humans while insisting to Goku that he alone will defeat Goku Black. Not only does their battle reveal a stronger Goku Black, nearly killing Vegeta with a ki blade and almost easily defeating Goku, but also a new Super Saiyan form which he calls Super Saiyan Rose. It appears to be a false Super Saiyan form due to the imbued power from the gods that Zamasu contains.

Then, this happens:

Zamasu interrupts the battle reminding Goku Black of his promise to allow him to kill Goku. Now, this really throws a wrench in my original theory and pretty much the past few episodes building up Zamasu to become Goku Black. But, what if Goku Black is Zamasu? The theory that Dragon Ball Super has hinted is both are the same person, even the hatred and distrust that Zamasu portrays towards humanity is seen through Goku Black. So, they have to be the same person, with the same motives and even use the same dark ki. How then, can both be standing next to each other? The answer has to be time travel. Let me explain, given that it can be tricky:

Goku Black is Zamasu
Zamasu in Future Trunks timeline is a future version of Zamasu from the standard timeline, the same Zamasu that we saw fight with Goku in Universe 9. Now, we see him slowly grow his hatred of humanity after his fight for Goku, and sees available resources he can use to accomplish what “The Gods won’t do.” We also see that he is able to travel freely forward in time using a green Potara Earring, something that both of them wear. So, how can both be present in the battle at Future Trunks timeline? Well, again from what we see in the current timeline is the effects of Goku’s battle with Zamasu.

If Zamasu in Future Trunks timeline is the same Zamasu from the standard timeline, then at one point he ends up either deflecting his master Gowasu and the Kais, or he kills his master Gowasu and steals the Time Ring and his Potara Earrings. From there he travels to the future and inadvertently ends up in Future Trunks timeline due to the split in the two, something Gowasu even mentions briefly. He then meets with the Zamasu from Future Trunks timeline and helps him become Goku Black. This theory is supported by Goku Black’s ability to absorb his experience with Goku to implement into himself and even turn into a Super Saiyan. The deal Zamasu speaks of could be him turning Future Trunk’s Zamasu into Goku Black, which then explains his reaction to first meeting Goku since he never met him. Goku Black even speaks as if he’s a god himself, calling Vegeta a mere human.

Despite the ending of the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, its still possible that Zamasu and Goku Black are one in the same. Two versions of the same mind, with the same motive and the same dark ki. We’ll just have to wait and see how the two are linked.

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