Facebook now allows users to stream any Blizzard game


Facebook has gone live with its ability to stream any game made by Blizzard Entertainment live through its Facebook Live platform. Since the collaboration between the two companies was announced in June, gamers have been anxiously awaiting this new feature. And with the breakout success of Overwatch and the continued streaming interest around Hearthstone, there will be no shortage of fans and streamers that will be using this feature.

As of August 26th, this live streaming option will be made available in every Blizzard game in the Americas, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, it is currently only available for PC, although MAC support is supposedly coming down the road.

With the 800-pound gorilla of streaming, Twitch.tv already dominating the video game streaming space, it will be interesting to see how top streamers will respond to this news. However, it leaves no doubt as to the fact that Facebook views live streaming as a core strategic part of its future business, and is willing to invest in it with some top tier publishing partners.

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