Driverless cars are coming to the military

That’s right, we are one step closer to Skynet. The Michigan Department of Transportation and the Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (or TARDEC), recently announced they have joined forces to test driverless technology on the state’s Interstate 69 freeway.

TARDEC is testing dedicated short-range communications, basically a version of Car-2-X communication, which will aid in the progression of driverless cars. With the Car2-x tech, the vehicles wirelessly communicate via Wi-Fi with roadside sensors as well as each other. Vehicles can send and receive up-to-date information about speed, road and weather conditions.

During the first tests, a human driver will be in full control of the vehicles at all times. However, the data that will be collected will be invaluable to making the future of autonomous driving cars a reality.

Source: Mashable

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