Baba Brinkman shines a light on science through rap


Ever think about what amazing thing you’d get when you mix science and music? The answer is beauty. But really, the answer is actually a name. An artist that goes by the name of Baba Brinkman shines light on science topics through the art of rap. How awesome is that?

Brinkman creates amazing rap guides that talk about concepts in science. For example, his Rap Guide to Climate Chaos focuses on the element of climate change and breaks it down for you. The beauty of this, is the fact that Baba is putting some intense learning into terms we can all accept and understand. I cannot explain to you how important that is, because when things like climate change are very much taking over the world around us, some decide to tune out because the subject is too complicated. Or, many will fail to understand it.

And by all means, they have a right too! It’s not easy learning about science, as it’s a lot to take in. That’s where the music part is important. Music is something everyone loves and can relate to. (I hope.) So when I said you get beauty, it’s true. You mix something one can relate too with a term and guide they might not understand, you’re shining light on the topic and giving the listener an opportunity to be at a new level of understanding.

That’s why after discovering Baba Brinkman, I fell in love.

His album I just mentioned, The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, is set to be released on September 30th of this year.

The threat is existential, it’s not “environmental”

And your individual response is inconsequential

Only coordination of our whole species

Is gonna keep coastal cities from sinking below the deep seas

When was the last time a solution included all of us?

Geophysics is at the mercy of geopolitics – excerpt from Rap Guide to Climate Chaos

Check out this awesome talk he did at Google:

And please, I encourage you, to check out his YouTube page.

Like I said, when you bring these two things together, it’s amazing. The best part? The music is so catchy, I want to listen to it 24/7.

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