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The messengers

In case you missed it, we here at Nerd Reactor are huge fans of the podcasting medium. In fact there is a link at the top of the homepage that says NR Podcasts that features some great shows like Videogame BANG!, Awkward Conversations, and the Official NR Podcast! It’s actually quite strange that when we go to conventions and events all over the country, we still get asked on occasion,”What is a podcast?” Well there is an awesome documentary in production right now called The Messengers: A Podcasting Documentary that is looking to change all of that. The award winning documentary crew has been travelling all over the country with several high-profile podcasters like Gamertag Radio’s Danny Pena, a popular video game podcaster.

You may be wondering why the creators of the documentary are crowdsourcing finances for the movie.

According to the filmmakers: “We have reached the limit of our funds and need $39,457 to finalize this evolutionary film. We have determined a bare bones number that would cover professional editing and the travel to our final locations this summer and that is why we are asking for close to half the above number.”

I had a chance to be there for some of the filming and got to meet the director of the movie, Niel Guilarte. The love and dedication that Neil and his team have put into this project is inspiring.

Whether you have your own podcast, or you are a just a huge fan of podcasts in general and are sick and tired of people asking you what they are, this is an awesome project to support. As per usual they are offering some pretty awesome incentives to those who support the documentary including copies of the film, opportunities to have your podcasts logo appear in the credits and even VIP passes to the premiere and after party in Florida.

If you love podcasting and would like to support The Messengers: A Podcasting Documentary, you can check out the Indiegogo website for yourself HERE!

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