Meet the English voice cast of Final Fantasy XV


If you happened to watch Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV all the way until the end, you may have noticed that the voice actors for Noctis Lucis Caelum, Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia, and Prompto Argentum were revealed in the post-credit scenes for a few brief seconds. 

While the game has been delayed until November 29th, Square Enix still has a few surprises in store which includes a recently uploaded video that reveals the voice cast for many of the game’s important characters, including the voice actors for Luna and King Regis that will be used in the game (sorry guys, no Sean Bean and Lena Headey).

While there may be a few more surprises in store, so far only one character from Kingslaive will be reprising his role in the game with Darin De Paul voicing Ardyn Izunia, the chancellor of Niflheim and Aldercapt’s chief advisor.

The video shows off a few new scenes from the video game and gives us a better look at the characters.

Kingslaive Final Fantasy XV will be released digitally on August 30th with the Blu-ray and DVD versions coming October 4th. You can also get the film with the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One when it’s released in November.

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