Awkward Conversations: It’s about to get Awkward with Bronies

By Anastasia Washington & Nathan Lichtman


There is a phenomena behind fans of the animated series My Little Pony. It’s not the massive little girls and boys who are brushing their pony’s hair. It’s not the teenagers who have stickers of each character on their school folders. No… these are adult men and they’re called Bronies.

There is nothing wrong with these guys. There are your average bros who just happen to like My Little Pony. They created a club – or basically a culture – to showcase how much pride they have as men who love a show meant for little girls.

What began as a simple meme, posted by fans, became a huge fanbase. Fans of the show would go on 4chan message boards and just post photos from the show. It’s no different than fans of Star Wars posting funny gifs to relate to a story (guilty!). It became a place for people to post artwork, quotes, fan fictions, and express their love for the animated ponies.


I know, this sounds creepy and a bit awkward, but hear me out.

My Little Pony is a great show with lots of hilarious commentary and just wholesome fun. It’s not hard to believe regular people would like it. No one should judge guys who just like a show and created a community surrounding their love for it. There’s even a convention BronyCon, which hosts over 10,000 people each year. Even the voice actors and crew have opened themselves up to these fans. Many of the voice actors attend the conventions every year and have grown to love their fans.

In an article by The Daily Beast, Brent Hodge, the filmmaker behind A Brony Tale said about the group, “What we realized when filming this is that Bronies isn’t about guys liking a girl’s show—it’s about the community they’ve created. That’s a big line for the Bronies: We came for the show but stayed for the community.’”

There seems to be a misconception about bronies because they do appreciate a show and toys that are marketed towards little girls. There may be some thoughts of pedophilia or being stuck in your childhood when it comes to bronies. But, that’s not the case for them at all. Bronies are not like that. In fact, overwhelmingly, they are friendly and just like a damn show. Give the show a go… you’ll see how good it is.

Don’t get me wrong… there are some awkward stuff I don’t understand like the erotica talks and images of animated ponies (which is a subsection of the group), but to each their own. Who am I to judge?

Pony on, bronies. Pony on.

Do you think it’s awkward? For more information on Bronies, check out the educational Brony site:

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