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With the ever growing trend of cutting wires from our lives, a common one is to cut cords from headphones, be it for the look when walking around or just the freedom to do more complex movements when working out. I have been looking for a solution to this when in the gym. There are brand names like JayBirds (I own the X2s and those are great) and smaller name brands with great specs on paper but fail to deliver. Even though 1More is a smaller brand, I can tell you they can stand up to the big names.


The box was designed very well and is simple and elegant. In front is the picture of the item and company branding, and inside are 2 smaller boxes. Two earbuds are sticking out of a small white box, so it contrasts with the color container. In an even smaller box below the earbuds, you have your earbud accessories and USB cable. There are different sizes of buds and silicone wings for ears. Once you remove both boxes, you will discover the instruction manual.

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The headphone itself is stylish, and depending on the color you get (Red/Green/Blue/Gray), it really pops. I received a blue unit and it stands out for sure. The earphone unit is a dual-colored item that contains the color you ordered and black. The cord is the color you ordered and the in-line controls are mainly black with colored trims. On the earbud is a polished aluminum to make the color pop when you look at it up close.


I’ve had this earphone for just over a week and it has been a good backup to my X2s when those run out of battery. I usually charge this a day after I use my X2 because I can usually get 2-3 days of use. Afterward, I just switch to the 1More earphones. I do not miss the days of ignoring outside noises in the gym. One of my favorite things on here is the little tab in the middle of the cord which can tighten the slack between the earbuds, which I have only seen on my Jaybirds. I prefer it a bit tightened so the slack does not bounce too much behind my head.

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When I use 1More earphone, I can get 2-3 days of workouts in without losing a day and can charge my X2. I had an issue when I first received this item because it would not stay in my ear. I tried all the different accessories and it still would not sit in there. I have big ears but did not think the ear hole was an issue. After a couple of hours after the gym, I finally found a correct spot where it sits perfectly without falling. If you have large ear holes, you may need to mess around a bit to find the right spot.

I had two more issues, with one being the microphone when I was on a call. Since I had to mess around a bit to find the proper setting for my ear, the mic was behind my ear and far from my mouth. It was struggling to pick up my voice and I had to drag the mic closer to my mouth for people to hear me. It is not too bad since I did not use the phone much when I was at the gym. Since I have a few of these wireless earphone, I have gotten used to the layout of the in-line controls. I am a big person with fat fingers, and sometimes I would skip a song but end up hitting the “Pair” button and shutting down the earphone. I just wish they made the placing of the buttons more pronounced. Other than those 2 things, this is an awesome earphone.

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The sounds are good but not the best, and it is better than most in its price range. The bass is not too heavy, so if you’re looking for a good bass earphone, you will need to look elsewhere. After listening to a few songs that ranged from rap, classic rock, and classical music, these earphones are pretty impressive. They tend to be on the quiet side, but turning up the volume a bit can fix that.

Final Reaction

For those looking to cut the cord and can’t afford pricey earphones, 1More iBFree is the way to go. At its price range, you can’t go wrong. This would make a great gift to give to someone or just to yourself. You can get it here.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

The iBFree In-Ear was reviewed using a retail unit provided by 1More.

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