Marvel and DC formal wear is finally here!


You may remember, not too long ago, when we were spouting off about those of us who just want to keep our inner fanboy an outward expression though the clothes we wear, wanting to sport our favorite Spider-Man or Batman t-shirt for every occasion (click here to jog your memory). And by every occasion, I mean EVERY occasion. Weddings, formal dinners, bar mitzvahs, job interviews, no occasion is deemed unworthy of the incredible Dr. Who shirt you got from two Con’s ago. Unfortunately, the outside world thinks otherwise, forcing us to have to dress “appropriately.” And to that, I say nay! Now, we don’t have to give up our fandom and nerdistry to the clothes of the normal persuasion, as has begun the revolution of geeky attire everywhere!

Starting this week, pre-orders have begun on some of the most incredible suits I’ve seen in a long time! Ensembles that have that subtle touch of geekiness to full-blown Dark Knight and Iron Man type suits, there is definitely a suit for every fanboy out there. From the largest to the smallest, has suits for all ages, from kids sizes to adult sizes. Check them all out below!

So if you feel the need to dress to impress, not only those around you, but even the geekiest of geeks, then head on over to right now, and start your pre-order now!

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