Dan Harmon lends a hand to Doctor Strange script

dr strange

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to add to its roster of talent, only this time, it’s in the writers room. THR announced that Dan Harmon, creator of the critically adored, yet commercially under appreciated cult comedy Community has been tapped to assist on the script of Doctor Strange. Although the film has already wrapped principal production, Harmon was tapped to write a few pages “for additional photography” according to a source on the production.

This isn’t the first Community alum to find themselves pulled into the orbit of the MCU. Anthony and Joe Russo directed multiple episodes of Community prior to being asked to direct Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. Although it is still unclear how much Harmon’s fingerprints will be on the final script, it’s almost certain that his addition will added some punch to this already hotly anticipated film.

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