New Sony PS4 unboxed before official announcement


Sony is expected to announce two new models of the PlayStation 4 next month during its press event in New York. While we’ve heard rumors about the PlayStation 4.5K, also known as Neo back in April, it seems the company will also reveal a slimmer model of the PlayStation 4, or at least had planned to.

You see, just a few days ago, a listing for the PlayStation 4 slim appeared on the UK auction site Gumtree, where the seller mentioned he was able to get a hold of the unannounced console and was selling it for £295 (around $390). While it was unknown if this was real or just a scam, British YouTuber ZRZ did an unboxing of the system showing off the system box and improved PS4 controller which lights up from the front, which is much more convenient.


Everything about the opening looks legit, and it probably won’t be long until Sony probably tries to get the video taken down. Luckily the images have already been posted online. This also means that Sony is already planning to release the new system either the day the announcement is made or soon after.

*Update* It didn’t take long before the video was taken down. ZRZ has set it to private almost an hour after it was posted.

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