Concept art shows how Superman might look in the Justice League movie


The Justice League movie is well into production now and there have been a few hints at what’s to come for the DCEU. Despite the negative backlash and constant criticism of the recent DC Comics movies, the cast seems to still be upbeat about it along with their fans. One of the fans of the DCEU is none other than concept artist George Evangelista. It was stated that Superman would return in the Justice League movie with a rugged look and longer hair. George took these given elements and created his own rendition of how Henry Cavill would look wearing the black Superman suit.

JL 1

Truthfully, I was disappointed in Batman v Superman, but that’s still not going to deter me from watching Justice League. I’m curious as to how the rest of the characters will look in the movie along with Zack Snyder’s changed tone. We’re all going to have to wait and see.

Source: George Evangelista

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  • y.i.a.h.

    That’s pretty dope, it looks good. Now, if they could only get a good story & script going, then the movie might actually be good. Here’s hoping.

  • purityofessence

    So it’s Qui-Gon Jinn plus a spit curl

    • Tiberius

      I can tell someone here didn’t read the comics….

      • He’s actually got a point though. That pic does look like Qui-Gon. I remember Superman having a mullet when he returned, not so much the facial hair. It’s been a while though, I could be wrong.

  • BetaRayBLEH

    Look at long as they don’t split him into two red and blue beings……….

    • Norman Lizotte

      They could have done the whole 4 supermen angle like the comics did when doomy killed superman. The “Man of Steel” African American Ironworker (Forget mentioning Shaq version) using a big hammer and steel powersuit, “Man or Tomorrow” a future-ish cyborg superman, Metropolis Kid (ie superboy) a cloneing attempt to remake superman, and The “Last son of krypton” An alien looked like superman but used lethal force.

      • jim

        Zac-Snyder-man already used lethal force and he is an alien as they really focus on that every movie. They got an african american cyborg guy already. so technically your ideas are already done. they’ll think up something dumber for the next movie.

  • K. Emil Brainchild

    Zack is not changing the tone.

    • CheesePleese

      How do you know that?

  • Dragonfly1023

    The long locks and beard version of Supe looks awesome.

    • Amos Cheek

      I agree.

    • Hatoraid Farrington


  • Magnus Devar

    Hmm, in that angle he kind of reminds me of Christopher Lambert as Lord Rayden(Raiden) from Mortal Kombat.

  • Merlin235

    Naturally he’d be scowling.

    • Magnus Devar

      Yes, he saw what Cyborg is wearing and he is giving Batman his wtf stare.

    • OC

      He just came back from the dead. Maybe it was traumatic. He’ll give you a smile soon, I’m sure.

  • Mark Machado

    Guess DC and Synder refuse to learn. That’s fine I refuse to watch. No one wants an angry brooding Superman. They must be happy trailing Marvel at the box office.

    • CheesePleese

      You do realize this isn’t official concept art, right? It’s fan-made.

      • Mark Machado

        Than I will fan poop on it.

  • MasterBlaster420

    And the bad decisions keep on comin’.

  • Sinner47


  • Jeff Chapman

    So an even darker angrier Superman? perfect.

  • x

    Everyone realizes this is fan art….right?

    • Globug62

      LOL, I don’t think so. Apparently, NOBODY read the article to realize that.

  • David C. Universe

    The guy chosen to play cryborg could have been the Rock Dwayne Johnson! Don’t hate me just saying.

    • Jane Gana

      Cyborg is supposed to be in highschool.

    • Eric

      Why? First … not every “superhero” needs to be the Rock. He’s really not a great actor. DCEU already has enough “holes” thanks to poor acting (looking at you first, Jesse Eisenberg/Lex Luthor) and doesn’t need another.
      Second … I think you are confusing cyborg in his suit with being “muscular/buff/ripped”. There is no need for that. That’s not who Vic Stone is. He was a teen football player. I don’t know any teen football player that looks like the Rock. Athletic build? Yes, required for the actor. But to the level of Dwayne Johnson? No. He’s in a suit of armor, you wouldn’t have seen his build anyway.
      And lastly … Vic Stone is black. Dwayne Johnson is Samoan. There is a difference. And at the risk of getting into the “race changing” debate – again – I’ll say “just why?”. With all the black actors that fit the bill nicely, why cast a Samoan?

      • ALDOUS

        totally agree

        • jim

          the Rock’s not black??? oh.

      • Michael Kelley

        i have hated their pick for Lois Lane too *SMH* she is horrible!

    • Globug62

      He’s already playing Black Adam.

  • Batmanuel

    Does anyone remember he came back from the dead with that long hair Fabio look?

  • Rahsaan Woods

    Oh no Don’t give him the Mullet, that was the worse part of his return! At least make him cut it faster than he did in the comic book!

  • Globug62

    Glad this is only “fan” art and not the real thing. Not so sure I like Superman with a mullet.

    • graphixdb

      I agree

  • BoyWonder33

    If that’s concept art then that artist is amazing, because it looks like a still from the movie.

    • paul g rodriguez

      Except his neck is bigger than an ox’s neck and has no shoulders. Receding hair line. Do note though the suit has no cape or spots where you would clip the cape onto.

      • BoyWonder33

        Well yeah it has a couple of flaws, but the picture overall is just amazing. Also Caville does have the receding hairline so that part is pretty accurate.

        • paul g rodriguez

          Ya but it looks way worse, almost like he is starting to sport a mohawk. The picture is pretty good though and had me imagining what that scene would be like.

        • paul g rodriguez

          Ya but it looks way worse, almost like he is starting to sport a mohawk. The picture is pretty good though and had me imagining what that scene would be like.

  • Clarence L. Williams Jr.

    Why are so many disappointed in Batman v Superman? I thought it was okay, especially with the additional scenes of the extended version…

    • Speedwagonj

      I have not watched the extended version yet, I have heard it was better…but the theatrical release was sooo choppy and slow and convoluted. I would agree, it was ok…but I wanted a grittier “Avengers” or a Wolverine…not that. Though Suicide Squad made it look Oscar worthy lol DC needs to get their act together!

  • Bez Rollson

    Supermullet !

    • DaCronic


      • jim

        he’s got plenty of mulletude and aggressiveness. As Clark Kent, he needs to drive a beat up Iroc Camaro. Better be takin notes Zack.

  • Speedwagonj

    I sure hope this is better..I am sure I will watch it, but Superman v Batman was ok at best and Suicide Squad SUCKED!!! I cannot remember a time that I have been so mad at wasting hours of my life on a movie…and I WANTED it to be good. Will Smith and Margot Robbie were only decent things of the movie. I LITERALLY walked out thinking “DC needs to stop making movies and sell all their rights to Marvel or Disney”

  • Dr. Weezil

    So this isn’t actual concept art. It’s essentially fan art.


    It was stated that Superman would return in the Justice League movie with a rugged look and longer hair.

    Who said this? People on message boards and commenting on click-bait articles?

  • DaCronic

    Why the mullet? Maybe a better style of long hair.

  • That is a bona fide mullet, people. A bona fide mullet. This concept artist is definitely a Billy Ray Cyrus fan. The producers of The Justice League want to give their movie a chance? Don’t follow this dude’s sick idea.

    • Brooks J. Adamson

      It’s not a mullet…where supes comes from it means hope…

      • jim

        well, superman has been very angry in each of his movies so far. always yelling and looking very mad; and he is very precise and thorough how he ensures that every building higher than three stories tall is going to get collapsed. so we know that he has the mulletude and aggressiveness to pull off a good mullet hero.

      • jim

        well, superman has been very angry in each of his movies so far. always yelling and looking very mad; and he is very precise and thorough how he ensures that every building higher than three stories tall is going to get collapsed. so we know that he has the mulletude and aggressiveness to pull off a good mullet hero.

  • Tom Maker

    I sort of like the scruffy Superman. He can still be a good guy with a secret identity and not look like such a colossal nerd/geek. (Not that there is anything wrong with nerds/geeks!!)

  • Ran

    This whole storyline is ridiculous. We don’t even know this Superman. We didn’t care when he died. Will we care when he comes back? Probably not. BvS was a misstep from the word go. Establish the characters first-make us care about them—then kill them. THAT is the proper order if you want the audience to care.

    • Brooks J. Adamson

      Does it matter? It is Superman after all and if he dies this early on…gee I wonder if he’s going to come back. It’s a movie based on a comic book where nowadays the hero’s death never really amounts to much.

      • Ran

        If you want emotional tension in your movie—it totally matters.

        That’s why BvS failed on so many levels. Nothing was set up to create any tension. Little to no tension when Batman faces off with Superman. No tension when all three of them go up against Doomsday. No tension when Superman finally dies.

        • paul g rodriguez

          Guess you did not watch the ultimate cut. You did not know this superman, You did not care when he died. Will you care when he comes back? You feel this way. You.

          • Ran

            Paul-you sound upset:( I agree, the ultimate cut was better. And really…just makes the movie…less annoying. But the whole idea of pitting Batman and Superman together at this point was their first mistake that every other mistake piggybacks on. We should have gotten Superman 2 and a Batman movie introducing us to Batfleck. Establish the characters. Give us a reason to like them. THEN do a BvS. I would even suggest that they should have done several movies of each before doing a BvS. For that story line to really work there needs to be a history between them. The contrived reason in BvS doesn’t really work very well and isn’t believable.

          • paul g rodriguez

            Not upset at all. I guess you hated the new 52 and how they formed the Justice league there too. Tell me how would they make multiple movies where they both exist in the same universe and live across the bay from each other. How would you make a believable movie where it takes them so long to finally go at each other. This movie forced Batman to look at the bigger picture and not just focus on petty Gotham crime. Saying Batfleck is well…..ya I will not say anything negative. So superman is to fight who in MoS2 and Batman fights who? I mean if Gotham is really in that much trouble why not have superman fly over there to help out instead of Batman doing it? I do not want to turn this into a DC v Marvel but I always found it funny how you could have ironman doing something and cap america doing something else and thor etc etc and yet shield or none of them ever think to say hmm maybe we should help? I prefer what DC did and not what Marvel did.

        • RoninDirector

          You hit the nail on the head. Snyder is a worse version of Michael Bay… all style over substance. That’s what Nolan did so well – story, story, story. The characters were real people with real issues that were written so you could relate to them, so you could know and cheer for them. Snyder is just a music video – the end. His characters mope around, hating being heroes, there’s no joy for them… or the audience. You don’t understand why Batman would actually want to kill Superman because his 1% chance thing is stupid for a man so brilliant… then he’d just kill everyone he meets because there’s more than a 1% chance they could do something bad. That conflict was so forced, especially have not one, but TWO, damsel in distress things… you didn’t know or care about either person in distress… you didn’t care or believe Lex’s motivations… then you definitely don’t care about Doomsday, who’s completely wasted here. He’s just shoehorned in and he’s a major Superman character. He’s some mindless mess, fighting them on an island in NY. To me, if you need 2.5 hours to tell a story and you STILL can’t tell a story that moves people… then you suck as a director.

    • Freak #1


    • I Bleed Red and Black

      Yep. His death was way way way to soon.

  • RoninDirector

    I’m picturing the Warner Brothers and DC pre-production meeting with Snyder on ‘any’ of their DC films, “We need to make the uniforms really dark – the kids think that’s edgy.” “How dark, like, super dark red?” “Yes, not like the Superman uniform everyone knows and loves — almost black-red, almost black-blue… same thing for Wonder Woman — and for Batman, he’ll be black with a little grey… but black-grey, actually, in Justice League, screw it — all black.” (Cut to the meeting before this comes out.” “Okay, that wasn’t hardcore enough, nobody liked the movie, it must be because the uniforms weren’t black enough!! The script was amazing and made total sense, especially the Martha scene!!” Group nods, “Agreed.” “I have one better — let’s make it really, really black.” “Yes!! Super black.” (They are shown designs) “Meh, not black enough… let’s go blacker… and let’s make Superman scruffy like the critically-acclaimed Superman 3 with Richard Pryor… maybe Supes can be drunk too.” (“Psst… that’s where we got inspired for the color palate of Man of Steel!”) “I can one-up you bro — put Superman in a mullet!! We tried it with Nick Cage almost 20 years ago and that looked terrible, more like Loki than anything… but hey, let’s do it with Cavill now!!” “Yes, we’re geniuses!!!!”

    I realize this is fan art but you have to admit that there’s a strong likelihood that this will be happening because Warner Brothers has an idiot, Snyder, directing their films. It’s okay to let the super heroes have some joy. Without “joy” — there is no motivation for “why” they do what they do. Snyder treats his characters like they’re slaves and have no choice but to save people. BvS had a great moment… the “I thought she’s with you” bit where Batman and Superman had a pleasant, humorous moment together and then Wonder Woman looked like she was having some fun. THAT is what we want. How hard is that to understand, Zack?

  • Brian

    Why would Superman have a receding hairline?

    • RoninDirector

      Because the Earth has a moon and it’s the opposite power of the sun… it pulls things back; the tide, his hair, etc. 😉

  • Freak #1

    It’s so earned. We’ve had so much time with this likable actor to become invested in his Superman. I can’t wait to see them leverage the audiences deep commitment to the Snyder Superman into some real boundary pushing character work.

  • paul g rodriguez

    Different writers for Justice league and MoS/BvS, I love the way Zack directs his action scenes and the scores in the movies. I have enjoyed thoroughly each movie and watched them over and over. Suicide squad was a bit different and I knew less about them as I do about the Justice league but that movie was still enjoyable. I do not watch these movies to be oscar contenders that is just stupid. I watch them to be entertained and see them be told in a different manner.

    • RoninDirector

      I’m not expecting Shawshank either but c’mon, actually giving a damn about the characters would help… a LOT. His action scenes are great… but so are Michael Bay’s. Those are supposed to be the icing on the cake… but there is no ‘cake’ with Snyder.

      • paul g rodriguez

        Michael Bay’s action scenes are just big explosions, his camera angles and picture quality, sound quality, zooming in too much or too far, shaky camera, are all terrible compared to Zack. Like I said before, he did not write these movies the same guy who wrote MoS and BvS is not doing Justice league so give Zack a chance. You can only realistically give him so much crap for the movies if he did not write them. But even still I found both movies to be great and I have seen them multiple times and will continue to watch them.

      • themandownthehall

        Agreed RoninDirector. It really looks like he and the writers didn’t read the comic books. None of the members in the movie were ever together as the Suicide Squad in the comics, Deadshot has always been there…but the rest were together at different times with other members. Deadshot works for Argus and joined as a redemptive act. If you don’t live/breathe the comics, you can’t bring them to life.

  • mike

    looks like supes has got a little too much party in the back…

    • Milites Christi

      Awww come on now, he could use more party!!! 😉

      • Manoj Varughese

        Can’t get more excited, on how the actual reveal is going to be.

  • Adi

    die one time and everyone thinks you’re qui gon jinn

  • I Bleed Red and Black

    He could grow out that hair but not his beard?

    • RandomBlkGuy

      easy. Some men’s beard won’t grow that long…or he could his hair could have been longer when he last shaved.

  • Timothy Weaver

    If Zack Snyder makes his beard a bit thicker, Superman will complete the transition to becoming Jesus and why not. Hollywood has been making the Christ references in the Superman franchise since the first movie with Christopher Reeves only to become more and more blatant about it with each passing movie. We know you want to, Hollywood. Just do it and get it out of your system.

  • John

    Lol It’s Kal-Dirt! Nah but seriously I really like the mullet and the beard/stubble look. I think he looks badass.

  • BDS

    He can team up with emo peter parker

  • Michael

    Watch the “Ultimate Edition”. It is a much better version.

  • Primum Genus

    I on the other hand am not disappointed by BvS.

  • AG

    This is straight out of the comics after Superman’s death battling Doomsday. He comes back with long hair in a black suit. He was in a form of suspended animation. TIL people criticizing DC don’t know the comics the movies are based on.

    • RandomBlkGuy

      thank you Captain Obvious.

    • Admiral Petty

      Actually the people who actually read the comics the movies are based on were the ones who hated films like BvS the most. Mr Snyder, to his credit has done an amazing job in the visual department, but a terrible one when it comes to getting these characters right. Here’s hoping Justice League is a better film, but I’m still apprehensive after how he treated the characters in BvS(yes even in the Ultimate Cut, which while a decent movie on its own, is terrible in terms of understanding Batman and Superman).

      I’d be lying if I didn’t say that seeing Superman in black with long hair didn’t warm my fanboy heart a little though.

  • Dark30

    BvS was a masterpiece…. unfortunately it will take most people about 10 more years for that to sink in. At some point when this movie is considered a classic a lot of us will look back and say “we can’t believe how many people hated this thing once”.

    • Honcho77

      Ok Chief, if you say so.

    • Milites Christi

      You are correct sir.

    • RandomBlkGuy

      where? in the looney bin?

    • Andrew Bass

      Absolutely correct.


    Nice Supermullet!!! LMAO!!!

  • The California Kid

    Superman with a beard, I can accept. But longer hair? No. It would be as bad, as Super Girl having grey hair and scars.

  • Andrew Bass

    I love Snyder’s style. A few years ago he gave an interview in a magazine — I can’t remember which one — and he talked about superhero burnout. Everyone keeps asking “will people get tired of superhero movies?” His answer was essentially yes, but only if they are all the same bubble gum crap. That’s my paraphrase, not his quote. I don’t have the article in front of me. He proceeded to create the best Superman movie ever made (possibly the best superhero movie ever made) and then he finally gave us the Dark Knight Returns in live action. I absolutely loved both of them. What saddens me is to think that he is going to change what he does so well for Justice League. For what? To get Marvel fans to like it? Hey, I like Marvel too. But the Marvel Studios (Disney) franchise puts the same exact thing out over and over and over and over and over again. It’s bubblegum funny Three Stooges haha stuff. I like it. I go see them all in the theater and I enjoy them. But I don’t remember them after I am done. I don’t sit there and rewatch them. The DC films directed by Snyder and Christopher Nolan have inspired me to watch and rewatch and rewatch and rewatch. That’s the difference. Marvel Studios puts out the equivalent of typical Disney films. They are fun for the whole family and they are funny and they are super incredibly safe and they smash the box office. Every time. They’re cute. DC and Fox put out superhero movies that are not always safe for the whole family necessarily, but they have heart and grit. To sum it up, Marvel Studios is for kids. Fox and DC are for grown people. Goodnight, America. And God bless.

    • Honcho77

      I agree about Marvel getting stale, I still haven’t seen Civil War. I disagree about Snyder giving us the best anything though. Richard Donner gave us the best Superman movie and the best superhero movie. Cheesy moments and all, he understood Superman, Snyder did not, this became more apparent after reading All Star Superman. Superhero movies are in an odd place right now, with Marvel/Disney not trying anything innovative anymore, DC/Warner just pooping in their hands and smearing it on the walls, and Fox is over in the corner saying, so you like Deadpool? We’re gonna put him in everything now, just like Wolverine.

      • laurasmith11

        I agree,that it’s like smearing it on the walls, and Fox is over in the corner saying, so you like Deadpool.? But if not we will ram it down your throats. We’re gonna put him in everything now, just like Wolverine.

        I love Wolverine don’t get me wrong just like I love Superman Batman Wonder Woman and other DC characters I also agree that Roger Donner gave us the best superman movies ever because he had the best superman Christopher Reeves. Henry Cavill is good a good Superman. But here’s my dilemma I did not like how they did Superman versus Batman and how they murdered superman in this movie how procedures and Superman‘s life like that come on give me a break he’s an in mortal like a God a god can’t die 😡😡😡😡😡

  • jazzluver

    but why the GRAY hair?

    • Tim Sanders

      I think it’s gray because of the lights!?!? Appears, but not really.

  • thevaxguy

    Imagine your kid has never even splashed around ankle-deep in a wading pool, and to introduce him to swimming, you take him to the highest Olympic-level diving board you can find and pushing him off. THAT was the problem with “Man of Steel”. Sure, it’s fine to have Superman involved in world-threatening fights that kill millions, but NOT right out of the gate for God’s sake!!! You don’t take your 5 year old out of his wagon, strap him behind the wheel of a Formula One racer, and toss a cinder block on the accelerator pedal. Man of Steel was okay as a “War of the Worlds” style Sci Fi Armageddon machine, but ONLY if you rename the title character to ANYTHING but Superman. We had ZERO chance to appreciate or grow to love the character. We would be entirely right to be as afraid of this godlike monstrosity as the military was.
    THAT’S what was wrong with Batman v Superman; it was a SEQUEL to Man of Steel, so it was strapped into the same suicide machine. The SEQUEL to a scary mess is NOT anything to warm the cockles of your heart; it is only the inheritor of said SCARY MESS Thank GOD for the presence of Ben Affleck; without him, it’s all the same scary helpless CRAP, with Lex Luthor played as a Lameass Loser whose brand of crazy isn’t even in the same ballpark as Kevin Spacey or HACK-MAN. Ye Gods, even Cesar Romero was more threatening.

    • Tim Sanders

      So you want the movie to start at lets say a JV setting. Move to varsity. Maybe find a redshirt college (DII to be conservative). Perhaps find an NFL team that takes a chance on you because of your speed, then be cut because all you have is speed. End up trying out for the olympics only to make 8th place in a qualifying round… the first time. Then second time around, you get into the finals to find your competition (Batman)…. Then make the movie of a life time.

    • libra113

      WTF are you talking about? That post made no sense whatsoever.

  • theJAYDOT


  • themaximus

    NICE JOB. end of discussion 🙂