PS4 Slim to be announced at Sony September event

So some rumors and speculation have been buzzing around that Sony would be releasing a newer slimmer version of the PS4, much like how Microsoft announced a slimmer Xbox One in September. All it took to confirm that this was true was someone from Digital Foundry just driving down to a guy’s house who had the slim PS4 and taking some pictures.

sony ps4 slim

Anyhow, it’s not surprising that Sony would announce a slimmer console to compete with Microsoft, though in turn the same question needs to be asked that many people asked before: Is there a point to announcing this version of the console now with the Neo being so close to release? It might have been better if the slimmer version was released a year ago prior to there being any information towards a newer console. Some would buy both, but for most consumers who want just one singular console who don’t want to blow hundreds of dollars on new hardware, is this just a waste of plastic and parts?

Source: Eurogamer

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