LA MoonWalk 2016!

What is the LA MoonWalk, you may ask? Well, the first one ever in the history of time took place last Thursday on August 18th! At the Pasadena Convention Center, loads of science geeks made their way to the event which included: an art section filled with all things about the Moon, live music, massive telescopes to look through, and live artists who painted the night away. The event also included some really cool guests like Bill Nye, John Davis, Robert Picardo, and more!

We even wrote a cheeky preview article to the event! (We hope you went!)

The event started at 7 PM, a perfect time to slowly get into the star gazing mood. To start off the entire night, Bill Nye took the stage and talked about the overall event and how we’re going to “change the world!” Then, Picardo took the stage with him and said a few science jokes, and then the night began!

LA MoonWalk

First stop: the moon art gallery.

This was probably my second favorite piece to the entire night. All of the moon-inspired art was really cool to see, and fairly priced as well. Although the gallery was small, it was well worth it. For me, I really enjoy cool, artsy stuff. Especially when it has a science twist to it. They even had a live showing of a time lapse of the moon that played really great music, so overall, the art gallery was fantastic.

The reason it was my second favorite piece of the night was because my first was being able to speak to John Davis. Not only is Davis a very well-known astrophotographer, but he’s the director and mind behind Jimmy Neutron. He had a booth set up with all of his amazing photography, and he sat right in front, able to sign posters and talk to people. He was a really nice guy who was willing to talk to us for a bit! He spoke about his photography, his favorite things about Jimmy Neutron, and even how he’s new to LA. Seeing as he was super down to earth, it easily took the place for my favorite part of the event. I’m glad he set up a place where he could talk to people and sign stuff!

As far as the rest of the guests go, most didn’t really seem available. I understand that because there was a lot of people and most of the others probably would have been bombarded with pictures, most of the regular people had no chance of really speaking to Bill Nye. After the first two hours, he seized to exist. It kind of sucked that we never got a chance to see him – but I understand why. I did see Bob Picardo walking around, and even snapped a picture with him! But he seemed in a bit of a rush.

Besides the guests, they also had telescopes that were set on the Moon, Mars, and Saturn. All of them we’re super cool, and I got a picture of the Moon via telescope!

Moon n shit

Overall, the telescopes are pretty self explanatory. They were a nice detail to add, and I really hope they have them every year.

As far as the live music and artists, they really made the event feel like an event. It was nice to not walk in silence, and it was great to see things come to life on a canvas!

The entire event was fun, but I’m glad it only lasted three hours. Not because it was bad, but because it was just enough time to mingle, see all the stuff, and not get bored. However, I do believe that they could add in some more stuff next time around, because after awhile people did seem really bored, and the majority of people left after the first hour due to the fact they had seen everything. Fun, but just enough for me.

I think it would be really cool to have more live music, various different aspects of science (like experiments, hands on stuff, or even some type of live science show), have a bigger art gallery, or even a talk!

The event was really cool, and I’m glad that it inspired so many people to come out and look it up. With a few more elements to the experience, the LA MoonWalk is going to be here for a while!

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