First class action lawsuit against Niantic filed by annoyed property owners

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So after hearing multiple rants from random people and vague threats of lawsuits against the Pokemon GO maker, we’re actually now seeing one come to fruition. A couple from Detroit has had enough with players swarming their property, peering through their windows, shouting and cussing at them, and have decided the best course of action is to sue Niantic to get their attention.

“Nobody gets sleep anymore,” the lawsuit says.  “How is this acceptable? … They hang out on our lawns, trample landscaping, look in vehicles … We don’t feel safe … I don’t feel safe sitting on our porch.”

This was an excerpt taken from a statement that the couple had made. While I am empathetic towards their plight, it really shouldn’t have had to come to this. But hey, nothing starts people talking like a summons at your front door.

Source: Freep, Click on Detroit

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