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The first weekend of the Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tech Demo is over and the buzz is still hot for EA’s latest game. Since the focus is solely on multiplayer, I decided to compare it to another fan favorite in online matches: Destiny. Now, I know it may not be entirely fair to pit Titanfall 2 against Destiny since the former’s iteration is an incomplete demo. But, given as to how much fun I had playing Titanfall 2, as a huge Destiny fan I can say one thing about Titanfall 2: I missed out on this week’s Iron Banner to play Titanfall 2 since I had access since Wednesday and it was worth it! When Titanfall 2 releases this October, I can say with confidence the online matchmaking will draw in players who need to take a break from Destiny. It’s a different type of FPS and a nice change from Destiny, so let’s compare the two and see how they stand out against each other.

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As of now, Destiny is way ahead in online content due its time being in gamers’ hands. There is a wide variety of online matches, or Crucibles, in Destiny that is cycles through every week with new matchmaking features. Once a month they feature the Iron Banner which involves one of the Crucible matches and removes the light level handicap. Basically, the better your gear, the better you’ll play, and vice versa. Trials of Osiris pits guardians in a 3 vs 3 set up with players aiming to hit 10 victories.

Titanfall 2 is slated to have 6 game modes. So far, we’ve had access to 3 of them: Pilots vs Pilots, Bounty Hunt, and Amped Hardpoint. Pilots vs Pilots plays like any normal PvP match and is exactly as it states, Pilots vs Pilots. No Titans, just your gun and your teammates. Bounty Hunt is something new that I really enjoyed. Throughout the match there are AI groups that you must hunt before the other team gets to them. After each wave a Titan Bounty will drop which will reward players with a high amount of cash. The goal is to hit the target cash before the other team. Amped Hardpoint is similar to King of the Hill-type matches, or Control in Destiny. Secure a location and gain points. From each game mode the winning team will then eliminate the remaining opposing pilots before they can be evacuated. A nice twist to matchmaking.

Where most PvP matches involve just straight up kills with several game types, the huge draw to Titanfall 2 is the mechs. By progressing in the match, you have the ability to drop a Titan and do some damage to players. With the exception to Pilots vs Pilots, the Titan is available in online matches and can really turn the match around. Nothing can tense up your nerves when seeing that landing zone for the opposing team when they call a titan. And seeing almost every player drop them at once calls for great teamwork. This is an aspect that I felt was more engaging than Destiny since the match changes drastically every so often with the arrival of Titans. Utilizing your Titan weapon can increase your chances of survival when coming face to face with a Titan. Teamwork is key in taking one down where the same can be said to keeping your allied Titan alive long enough to do some real damage.

Titanfall 2 Tech Test Screen 2

Whether you’re in the Crucibles or fighting against Oryx, Destiny has always been about player progression. Countless hours are spent each week to gain new and better gear to become the strongest guardian. Titanfall 2 offers the same progression with leveling up. But as you level up, so does your gear. There are several customization with each weapon making them stronger or more resourceful. It’s very similar to Destiny’s weapon upgrades but they seem to do the same damage even as they level up. As you level up, you unlock more perks for your pilot as well as new weapons for yourself and your Titan.

A PvP match can only be as good as its setting, and Titanfall 2 raised the bar. Each level is fully accessible from top to bottom with the available resources Titanfall 2 has provided. Grappling hooks, sonar, wall running, power sliding, each match will test your limits and abilities and utilizing every tool available will lead to victory. Most PvP matches you rely on your wits, reflexes and aim. Though the same can be true about Titanfall 2, adding the ability to see your opponent with sonar or hide from them while scaling a wall changes everything. Every so often a feature will come along that is considered a game changing setting and Titanfall 2 just did that, and I’m not talking about the Titans. As awesome as it is scaling a Titan to help take it down or battling everyone in an OP machine, what really changes PvP matches for game to come is the ability to change your pilot during the match! I tinkered with this a bit and it really became helpful based on the match setting. At one point snipers were king so I switched over to another pilot that I had equipped with the sniper and joined the fun. When a Titan can change the wave of a match, being able to switch pilots on the fly will help push the momentum even further. This is similar to being able to switch weapons mid match in Destiny, or even swap weapons between guardians, but being able to fully switch your character will either make or break the match.

It’s still too early to say whether or not Titanfall 2 will give Destiny a run for its money. But as a Destiny player, I can say that Titanfall 2 is definitely a fun game to play. Playing against several players in a Titan is awesome with the cameras being affected with each impact. And the eject button is crazy the first time being launched in the air. They are two different games with two different styles of PvP matchmaking. If you didn’t catch this weekend’s tech demo, do so on August 26th and enjoy some Titan mayhem.

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