Owlboy: First impression (demo)

Owlboy 2016-08-21 20-01-09-98

A new indie game, well a demo for it actually, just came out this week that a lot of people either are very excited about, or are just getting clued in on it. I’m in that latter category and I’m kind of kicking myself for not knowing about this game sooner since its development has been going on since 2008! Short version is that it’s an old-school 16-bit platformer, but the impression that I got is that there has been a lot of passion put into this, especially with the art and sounds just from this demo alone.

Owlboy 2016-08-21 20-03-59-66

Just from these two screenshots alone, you can immediately see the work that’s been put into the aesthetics of this game. The soundtrack especially sounds refreshing as all of it is very in tune to the situation, from the light and fast tones of when you’re out in the air to the somber and chilling tone when you’re in caves and the Owl Temple level that I got to try. The demo is free  and well worth the time spent playing it, if for nothing else than to just gaze at the gorgeous pixelated art.

As you can no doubt tell I’m very excited about this game, not just because of the fact that it plays well, looks fun and has its own unique style, but that there’s actually a demo for it! When was the last time you’ve gotten to try out a demo for a game?

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