Team K and Team Women Fighters highlighted in latest King of Fighters XIV team trailers


With the King of Fighters XIV releasing next week, SNK and Atlus have uploaded two more team trailers looking at Team K and Team Women Fighters.

K’ (pronounced K Dash) was first introduced with Maxima back in the King of Fighters 99, and since then the two friends have been teamed up together. K’s move set has gone unchanged for the most part, but this year he sees two additional follow-ups for his Ein Trigger special attack (previously known as Iron Trigger) which can be very effective in keeping your opponents guessing, or to extend your combos.

Kula’s move set remains unchanged from her original debut in King of Fighters 2000, with the addition of a new DM. While Maxima has always been a beast who deals high damage and is able to negate projectiles and damage opponents with his Vapor Cannon punch, I miss his original fighting style pre-King of Fighters XIII. It included a nice mix of physical attacks, chain combo and a variety of command grabs which made him fun and dangerous to use. He’s still a solid character, and I actually think his new design looks great, complete with multiple chest beams to add that Iron Man flavor.


While King and Mai have for a majority of the series been part of the Women Fighters Team (minus the one or two years they teamed up with their boyfriends), they add a new face to their team, Alice. Mai’s move set remains unchanged from King of Fighters XIII aside from her very interesting Climax Special and King seems to have a bit of variation on her MAX moves which may be very useful in dealing that extra damage in her combos.

Alice may share a resemblance to fighter Blue Mary (who hasn’t been a playable character since King of Fighters XI), but don’t let that fool you. Alice is able to mimic attacks of both Terry, Joe and Andy. Developed originally as a mascot for Pachinko game Garou Densetsu The Legend of Wild Wolf, Alice is a huge fan of Terry and joins the tournament to prove to him just how strong she is.

The King of Fighters XIV will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on August 23rd.

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