Supergirl joins Lego Dimensions next month


Supergirl is coming to Lego Dimensions and she won’t be very difficult to get. While fans of Lego Dimensions and Lego collectors thought that she could be released as an event exclusive figure, she will be an added bonus inside the LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs on PlayStation 4 starting next month.

Supergirl be able to Fly, and she will also have her super strength, X-ray vision, and shoot heat beams. She will also be able to transform into Supergirl Girl Red Lantern with additional abilities such as firing powerful Red Lantern energy bolts and beams from the Red Lantern Ring and forming Red Lantern Energy Constructs.

Now the biggest problem with this is if you already previously purchased the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack, the only way to get Supergirl is to buy another Starter Pack which has been dropped down to $60 from the original $99 to get people ready for Year 2 content. Not exactly ideal for those hardcore collectors who want to obtain every figure, and adds a bit of salt to the wound if you only have an Xbox One.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment did mention that Supergirl will be available as a “Hire-a-Hero,” a feature in LEGO Dimensions that allows players to sample characters using studs collected in the game. Players can select the hologram minifigure near certain hint stones to unlock characters for a limited time to try out their special abilities to solve problems and complete puzzles.

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