Street Fighter V is finally punishing rage quitters

street fighter v kick

It’s been long overdue, but Capcom has finally added a very important update to Street Fighter V that will punish players who frequently decide to rage quit. It’s been something that the fighting game community has questioned why it didn’t come sooner. Capcom’s original response to rage quitters was for players to upload gameplay video of players leaving during the match and punishing those players by deducting points manually. This didn’t exactly stop many players from quitting, but the new update is a start in the right direction, well kind of.

The “anti-rage quit system” will ban players for 24 hours and deduct 1,000 League Points. This will only affect players who quit three matches in the span of two hours. It’s still not perfect but it’s getting better. The issues are still apparent, like reports of players being banned after their opponent had left their matches. It’s being investigated, but according to Capcom’s Haunts, this shouldn’t be affecting players who are still connected to the matchmaking service.

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