Sherlock Convention is coming to Los Angeles in May 2017


It’s official! The first and official Sherlock convention in the US has been set. Sherlocked USA has a date and location!

Celebrating all things from BBC’s Sherlock, fans can now come together to embrace this phenomena. Hosted by Showmasters, this convention will have guests from the series and panels all about the dynamic duo.

The Marriott LAX, home of Doctor Who’s Gallifrey One, will be hosting SHERLOCKED USA from May 26th to the 28th next year.

Creator Steven Moffat and executive producer Sue Vertue have been confirmed to the event.

The event will also offer autographs and photo shoots (for a fee) through the event, a vendors hall, and several parties. Props and costumes from the series will be on display through the convention hall.

Tickets are on sale NOW and offer a variety of experiences. Autograph and photo shoot sales will be open as the event gets closer.

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