Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias hosts benefit show with Regular Hero in SoCal


The Regular Hero Comedy Show is hosting a night of laugh at the Irvine Improv on August 23rd to help children in Southern California. Gabriel Iglesias, aka Fluffy, will be going on stage and making you laugh for a great cause. (Only $50 a ticket!) The Regular Hero Show benefits sick kids, veterans, at-risk youth, the homeless, blood drives at the Children’s Hospital, and other people in need. ALL proceeds will go to those in need!

You might know Fluffy from his sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden, his time on the film Magic Mike, or his Comedy Central special Aloha Fluffy. And next for Iglesias will be his own show where he stars on Fuse TV’s Fluffy Breaks Even!, which premieres October 1st at 10pm ET/PT. Fluffy Breaks Even! is a non-scripted comedic docu-follow series co-starring his eccentric tour mates and fellow comedians, Martin Moreno and Rick Gutierrez. You will have an opportunity to see what it’s like for Iglesias to eat on the road, add up the calories and then try to burn it off and “break even” with a different restaurant and workout in each episode.

Get tickets now before they sell out by clicking HERE! If you’re not in Southern California or you can’t make it to the show, please donate here to help change a kid’s life.

Regular Hero is a non-profit that is all about having the every day person make a difference in someones life. As they state on their website:

We believe everyone can make things better if they just decide to do so. Through our site and endeavors, we want to give people many opportunities, ideas, and ways to help people in need.

A huge problem facing many individuals and non-profits is that they are not able to tell the world about what they are doing, simply because they are too busy actually doing it. We started Regular Hero to be their voice, tell their story, and raise resources so we can all continue to make the world better.

Our goal is to create as many givers as possible. We believe giving is the one action we can all do to make the world a better place. That is why all of our energy, money, time, and resources go towards this one action. Whether you help a stranger, donate your time, or sponsor a giving campaign, every Regular Hero gives.


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