First 4 Figures reveals latest statue, Link on The King of the Red Lions


First 4 Figures has always done things a little differently with the way they announce and reveal upcoming pre-orders. For a little over a week, Alex Davis and Chockles Qa have prepared a new way to let fans interact, and get their first glimpse, at the newest figure that they have been teasing for some time: live on Twitch.Tv and Youtube.

What was revealed was the next addition to the Legend of Zelda: Windwaker line, Link on The King of Red Lions statue. With Davis and Qa sitting behind the massive statue, standing at 25 inches thanks to the sail, showcasing Link at the helm, the duo joked about it on stream, saying, “OK, maybe we should have made this smaller.” In all honestly, however, it just looks amazing thanks to all the detail.


The stream began at 6 am (PST) and ran for most of the day, with Davis and Qa not only showing off the statue, but also various other releases, all the while answering questions, and, of course, having fun. The statue shown was the exclusive version, which lights up from the base, and is a nice piece to add to any hardcore or casual Zelda fan. Naturally, if you have the $479.99 it costs, or $449.99 for the regular edition, of course .

Of course, there is a matter of the shipping, which adds another $80 dollars (if you live in the United States), but if you are really set on this, you actually have a few flexible payment options to choose from. Honestly, if I wasn’t holding out for the Ace Attorney‘s Phoenix Wright, Castlevania‘s Alucard, and Devil May Cry‘s Dante statues, I would be all over this.

If you do plan on ordering the statue, however, make sure you use the coupon codes KORLX25 to save $25 off of the exclusive edition, and KORLR20 to save $20 off the regular edition. You can also follow the First 4 Figures Collectors Club for more info and sneak peaks.

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