Blade Runner sequel adds ‘The Joker’ to stellar cast


“All those memories will be lost, like tears in the rain…”

There is no other line more memorable than the quote made by Rutger Hauer’s Roy Batty, a replicant, in the sci-fi hit film, 1982’s Blade Runner. As the days continue to pass us by, we couldn’t let a noticeable nugget of info pass us by, regarding the upcoming sequel, and now, we get to share it with you!


The Hollywood Reporter Announced today that the sequel, which has been gathering momentum in notoriety since its inception, has gained a new face to add to the cast of actors. Jared Leto, fresh off of his latest DC film, Suicide Squad, has joined the ranks of Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in creating the next installment to Blade Runner. The sequel, set decades after the events of the original, will be seeing Ford’s reprisal of his role as Rick Deckard, the famed Blade Runner who took down several groups of replicants early in his career. Along with Gosling and Ford, Leto will also be joined by actresses Robin Wright and Ana de Armas.

As to what role Leto will play, only time will tell. The only role information we have, thus far, is just of Ford’s returning character. Will Leto play an enigmatic replicant in the film? Will he be the multi-lingual liaison for Ford, as Edward James Olmos’s character was for the chief of police in the original? Or will he be the Blade Runner that hunts down Ford? As for me, personally, I’d love to see him become a replicant in the vein of Rutger Hauer’s performance: a thought-provoking and charismatic android who just wants to survive.

What do you think? What role do you think Leto would be perfect for in the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: THR

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