Eldritch Moon Fat Pack Breakdown

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Eldritch Moon is plain and simply one of the most aesthetically awesome sets we have ever seen in Magic: the Gathering. Two sets from the past that were very well-known for their unique artistic stylings have come together to into one cohesive set, where the massive Eldrazi titan, Emrakul, has invaded the macabre land of Innistrad. One of my absolute favorite things that I like to pick-up, to commemorate my favorite sets, is the Magic: the Gathering Fat Packs. Fat Packs sell for roughly $40, and include 9 fifteen-card Booster Packs, a special 20-sided life counter dice, a pack of basic land cards, two cardboard deck boxes, a players guide that features information on the set and pictures of all the cards, all in a stylized cardboard box.


The Fat Packs pack quite a punch of goodies, and serve as an excellent starting point for beginners and advanced players alike. With 9 booster packs, you should be able to bolster your collection and begin building casual decks, or potentially even a solid starting point for your standard decks. I’ve always seen Fat Packs as a perfect common ground purchase item for all Magic players. Just like brand new players will probably not buy a Booster Box, Advanced players will probably not spend too much money on intro decks, but players of all skill levels can gain a lot of utility out of a Fat Pack. The value of the Fat Pack is heavily dependent on your attachment to a particular set. Me being in love with the character of Liliana obviously makes this package more valuable than someone who enjoys the aesthetic of a different plane or planeswalker. For years to come, I will proudly show up to the comic shop with my Eldritch Moon card box and life counter, which will undoubtedly spawn conversations about the set and how it will be remembered.


As far as the Booster Packs go, it is all decided by luck of the draw. The packs are completely random. If you are the type of player who obsesses over value of the cards you receive in relation to what you spent, this may not be the way to go. While I was very pleased with my card haul, I’m sure that card for card on the secondary market I would have come up negative. Highlights for me were Spell Queller, Collective Defiance, and the lone mythic Mirrorwing Dragon.


The MTG Fat Packs are a safe purchase and makes a great gift for just about any Magic fan. They are a fantastic way to commemorate your favorite set, and will seldom leave you disappointed.



*The Magic: The Gathering Fat Pack was reviewed using review materials provided by Wizards of the Coast.




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