Death Eaters to attack Harry Potter Wizarding World Japan this Halloween


Universal Studios’ Wizarding World in Osaka, Japan is adding a new haunting theme to their park this Halloween. Aside from the typical haunted houses and characters roaming the Universal Studios park after dark, visitors of Hogsmeade village will be able to experience the fear of Lord Voldemort’s followers, the Death Eaters. After dark from September 14th through November 6th, the attack will commence nightly. Death Eaters are said to appear one by one from dark corners of the village. No other details have been released but we can imagine how awesome this could really be. Will they leave muggles running and screaming? We would love to see a show with maybe some stores vandalized by spells, or a chanting parade of death eaters like we saw in the film the Goblet of Fire when the Quidditch World Cup fell under attack. Will the dark mark be cast into the sky?

According to there will be Halloween festivities added during the day such as “Magical Trick-or-Treat”. Guests can cast a spell that will spill down a barrel full of candy. Fun! They are also rolling out the first ever “Halloween Dessert Feast” adding seasonal menu items that will emulate the feast seen in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Sadly, these Halloween events only seem to be planned for the Osaka, Japan Wizarding World location. Come on US step it up!


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