RetroSFX mixes gaming sound effects with real-life movies and events


I will admit that I’m an ’80s kid and am damned proud of it. I guess it makes me seem old since I’ve lived through the 8-bit, 16-bit, and every other gaming revolutions that have occurred up to present day. In fact, I’ve also been building my own PC gaming rig since the ’90s. So I’m a multiplatform gamer through and through. Not only did I witness gaming evolve through these decades, but gaming sound effects have changed so much as well.

Now that I’ve got my credentials as a gamer out of the way, I wanted to inform everyone here about a great website that brings the old school gaming sounds into real-life events and movies. The name of the site and if you’re a fan of the old school sounds, you’d love how they integrated these sound effects. They’ve made a lot of versions, but my personal favorite is the Mortal Kombat sound effects meshed with Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon.

Check it out below and visit their website for more of these mashups.

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