Religion and science go much deeper than we think

Tonight on 1

Last week on our very own science show C2H6O Science that we host live every other Thursday on our YouTube channel, we talked about religion’s role in science, or lack thereof.

Did you get the chance to see it?! (Let us know.)

Bryce, Jeff, Ron, Sharon, and I, all dug deep into what religion is to us, how we relate to it, whether or not we believe in it, and how it is affecting all of us as scientists. Even better, we talked about how it may or may not affect the world of science.

There have been plenty of scientists who also believe in religion, and there are plenty who don’t have any set of beliefs. But do science and religion contradict each other, or do they help each other out?

Well, since the topic is so controversial, we’ve all decided to make this topic a two-parter! Last week we barely scratched the surface – check it out.

We hope to see you not this week, but next week when we go even further into the topic!

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