New Funko Pops coming next year for Red, White and Pink Ranger

pmc pop release

Earlier this month Funko released the second wave of the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Funko Pops which included the Blue, Black, Yellow and Green Ranger. (They have been flying off the shelves at most retailers.) While many fans and collectors quickly grabbed them to complete their set of all seven rangers, not everyone was able to get their hands on the previously-released White Ranger, Red Ranger and Pink Ranger. (They are now retired and going for upwards of $200 each online.)

At Power Morphicon 2016, Saban revealed that the White, Red and Pink Ranger would be getting re-released, only this time with a new set of poses. Fans who missed out the first time will have a chance to complete their collection. The three Pops won’t be released until Spring 2017.


Funko also teamed up with GameStop to release an exclusive Metallic Blue Ranger Pop. It was also revealed that a Toy Toyko Exclusive Metallic Green Power Ranger will be released in the future as well, so keep an eye out for that.

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