Mother Russia Bleeds: A bit of ultra violence, Russian style

mother russia

Devolver Digital has made a name for itself publishing games that, in the words of Alex from A Clockwork Orange, “Fancy a bit of ultra-violence.” Now, their latest addition to their library created by French development team Le Cartel Studio is Mother Russia Bleeds. This is a beat-em-up in the style of classics such as Streets of Rage but with the blood, gore, and intense soundtrack of the Hotline: Miami series.


The game is set in an alternate USSR in the late 1980s and features a four-person team of imprisoned street fighters as its protagonists. They are held captive by the Russian Mob and the corrupt Soviet Militsiya (Police) who have them addicted to a designer drug created by the Russian Mob that gives them superhuman strength to aid in their fights. The game begins with the foursome breaking out of their confinement to seek revenge on both parties. Although seeing as this is a throwback to beat-em-ups of the 1990s, it’s not all that important. *Throws giant book of video game storytelling into paper shredder*

mother russia 3
A brawl in an S&M club where all the patrons appear to be overweight men in sparkly bondage gear and animal masks. ‘Nuff said?

The game consists mainly of beating the ever-loving crap out of anyone who’s stupid enough to get in your way using your own two fists, blunt weapons, blade weapons, and guns while sending blood, brain matter, and body parts flying every which way. You also will be able to pick up syringes with the designer drug to give yourself super strength but also to stave off crippling withdrawal effects. However the continued use of the drug results in unavoidable side effects such as visual and auditory hallucinations. You can do this alone or with up to three friends in a campaign story mode or in Survival mode which sees how long you can last against endless hordes of enemies.


Unfortunately, the co-op will be local only at launch but Le Cartel has stated that they look to add online co-op down the road along with two extra game modes: Versus, in which you fight against your friends, and Boss Rush mode, where you fight through all the bosses of the game at once if you’re looking for a non-stop masochistic challenge.

Mother Russia Bleeds is due for release on September 5th for PC, Mac and Linux with a PlayStation 4 release scheduled sometime later this year. Have a look at the trailer and see the blood flow comrade!

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