Is American Horror Story purposely throwing us off?


Previously, we’ve been dabbling on what topic American Horror Story’s theme for season 6 is. There have been so many teasers, posters, and hints they’ve dropped over the course of the past few months.

We’ve been talking all about it on Nerd Reactor, yet not one of us know what it will be!

The thing is… they don’t want us to know. I made a comment before that I don’t feel as if they’ll release what the theme is until the actual air date – September 14th. As much as I believe that, there is no possible way we can guess what the theme is.

That is, because of the fact they’ve been releasing different types of teasers that have no relation to each other, just to throw us off.

The teasers have been getting creepier, and they some have ties to classic horror films we adore, but not one of them gives you a hint to what the other one is talking about. They’re all so different that it’s obvious we’re being thrown off here!

If you check out what other teasers they’ve done and compare it to their most recent – they’re not very similar at all!

And some others:

Aliens? Exorcisms? Weird Nosferatu stuff? Who knows. I’m almost sure that they’re just trying to throw us off! What do you think?

Regardless, I’m more than excited to check out what the actual theme is!

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