Henry Cavill tweets a black colored suit for Justice League?

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It looks like the the Justice League movie is well under way. If you haven’t watched Batman v Superman yet, please be aware that something big happens at the end of that movie which left a lot of hardcore DC fans sitting in anticipation of what’s to come next. From Henry Cavill’s recent tweet, it doesn’t seem like they have much longer to wait.

We all already know that Henry Cavill is WB’s current Clark Kent, and if you’re familiar with Superman’s comics, he does don a black suit after a major event. The only other time we’ve seen a black suit on a Kryptonian was when Zod wore it in Man of Steel. Does this mean that Superman is going to take a different role when Justice League rolls by? Or does this mean that Superman will be darker than ever? We all can speculate, but I’m pretty excited to see what WB has to offer for us when the Justice League releases.


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