Has sci-fi predicted the future of transportation?

Ever find it weird how our favorite science fiction movies of the “past” have predicted what may or may not happen in the future? There have been so many times where I’ve watched an old science fiction film, and they get to talking about certain things that will be there in their version of the future, or the things that they’re actually using and implementing in the movie, that are things we use on the daily now.

One major thing that I’ve personally noticed is the use of transportation in old sci-fi films. What they used or innovated in the past is something that we use now. So, if the answer to my original question is yes, you have wondered about what old films have predicted, then I have a treat for you!

Check out this awesome poster that was made to show us the things that science fiction has predicted for the future or transportation! (I’ve separated it into a few parts.)

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My favorite one is probably the Heathrow Airport pods! I’ve actually been in one before and they’re pretty cool. They totally make you feel as if you’re in some type of high tech space world. (I mean, we kind of are, aren’t we?) What’s your favorite one?!

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