From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 premiere date, trailer and stills


By Jes Vu

Time flies fast, Ramblers! From Dusk Till Dawn season 3 is only weeks away until the premiere of the season on Tuesday September 6, 2016. In the meanwhile, check out this wicked trailer and stills for the upcoming season.

On top of our favorite characters returning, we have a hint of what’s to come for the new folks joining the cast including the original film’s Sex Machine, Tom Savini, Narco’s Maurice Compte and Nicky Whelan.

It looks like the story and characters are taking a darker turn this season. If you remember the cliffhanger from season two, Kate Fuller resurrects from the dead…and it doesn’t look like she’s too happy.
Let us know what you think of the trailer in the thoughts below! In the meanwhile, stay tuned for more tidbits until the season 3 premiere on September 6 at 9pm ET/on El Rey Network.

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